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Together with Oasis , the cause of steady career ideal
High quality hardware + scarce market + oasis innovation
Agent requirements:

1. Identify Oasis Hardware business philosophy and business model, and is willing to firmly implement the Oasis hardware sales model;

2. Have a certain household goods, FMCG and other market operation experienc

3. Have a certain channel resources, or access point network customer resources;

4. Have an independent regional market development capacity;

5. With modern market marketing awareness, there is a strong entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

6. with independent storage venues priority.

7. industry integrity, good reputation.

Support Standards:

- Exclusive agency support for the region: Exclusive agency rights and resource access rights granted to authorized regional or systems

- Advertising support: according to the local market action conditions, to give different amounts of advertising costs to support and provide all kinds of promotional materials

- New store opening support: new store opening, to provide additional promotional costs or equivalent promotional gifts support

-KA Entry fee support:

- promotion cost support: mainstream stores, key stores, to promote the cost of support; community promotion, to give the team to support the cost

- Promotional gifts support: major holiday promotions, offering high value promotional gifts support

- Professional training support: regular arrangements for senior training instructors for product knowledge, sales skills, practical training