essential knowledge
Origin: Author: Addtime:2017-10-07

1、when installing the expansion bolt and bit to match, drill to steady, mounting bolts to be fastened in place, or not loose, not tight not shake shake;

2、after installation, put all the oil wire rope through a layer of butter, not too thick, the oil wire rope, the surface is slightly can be absorbed, because not oiled rust easily, affect the service life; the lifting device inside the injection well oil, to keep the best lubrication degree (note to observe the drying or dirty want to change);

3、lift weights, use pole auxiliary ejector, this will reduce the lift weight, avoid gear jammed or broken.

4、installing oil wire rope, to a length of about 10 cm plastic hose in each oil wire rope wear (hard tube can also be), internal diameter greater than 3, the oil wire rope 4 times. The last part of the plastic tube is to be placed in the top bar (activities), so as to avoid future drying wet clothing, quilts and other items to rub the oil wire rope.