Stainless steel kitchen shelf Cleaning Tips
Origin: Author: Addtime:2017-10-07

With the development of economy, people living in the constantly changing and progress, but people's living space is not large. People living in a limited space often need help to regulate the stainless steel shelf items.When we put the kitchen will be set to a dish of stainless steel rack, because the kitchen environment is very special, there is often a fume and oil stains, the stainless steel shelf we also produce stains. So how to clean stainless steel shelf?

The first: can be coated with toothpaste and soap cotton wet cloth, wipe gently stainless steel rack, and then rinse clean it.

Second: because of various usually use shampoo, shower gel and other long-term survival in chrome plated surface will make the stainless steel shelf surface gloss degradation and directly affects the surface quality. Please at least weekly with a soft cloth to clean the surface of a stainless steel rack, cleaning agent, it is best to use a neutral.

Third: the decontamination ability of wax, on a clean white cloth, thoroughly clean the whole stainless steel rack, cycle is generally 3 months, it can prolong the shelf life of stainless steel. Remember every time cleaning, must take the water dry, otherwise the pendant surface may appear water stains.

Fourth: for hard to remove stubborn dirt, dirt and stains the surface film, glass cleaning liquid use mild liquid detergent, colorless or without abrasion polishing liquid is clean, then rinse with clear water stainless steel rack with a soft cotton cloth and wipe dry.

For the stainless steel racks kitchen, performance requirements are relatively high, the wear rate is relatively high. This requires us to choose a time when the stainless steel shelf to learn more, choose a reliable brand products. At the same time, the maintenance and cleaning oil daily can help us clean the stainless steel rack, prolong its service life, to maintain the appearance of perfect. So, in daily life do the cleaning and maintenance work on stainless steel kitchen shelf is very important.