The right display the bathroom
Origin: Author: Addtime:2017-10-07

Living standards improved, the pursuit to the daily life of the facilities at home, said a space is very important, the bathroom sanitary ware in the decoration decoration, but also a certain stress, only the reasonable layout, can make life more comfortable!

The shower area to install shower door or hang the shower curtain, washbasin, toilet and bathing area into dry, wet area two, such not only good finishing, in the use of more convenient, health, not only good atmosphere, can make family health, but also enhance the family fortune!

While the dry, wet separation can also reduce the chance of wrestling, bumps, and avoid leakage, electric shock accident risk occurs when using the fan.

The bathroom is best can have a window, and at any time open, Feng Shui to family health points. Especially in the winter when take a shower, best can open, good let heat dissipate, so as to avoid the insufficiency of Yang Qi cause chest tightness, shock.

The bathroom tiles material must have non slip effect, especially to slip it with a shower gel, soap water. And at the bottom of the bathtub no slip effect, and the bathtub is too high, will cause harm to any person, must be careful to choose. If the elderly home, must install handrails, to ensure safety.